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Sunrise Full Cover Waterslide Decals

Sunrise Full Cover Waterslide Decals

PriceFrom $3.75


  • Paper Type

    • Transparent - Anything that appears white will be clear.  Decals will look best on a white nail for the brightest color.  Placing decals on lighter colors will also work. but create muted color.  You can get creative :)
    • White - This is more like a nail wrap.  There is no transparency an decal will be fully opaque.
  • Sizing

    Sizing is very personal to each nail. This is just a general sizing guide. If you want to test the decals sizes first, please purchase a sizing sheet.


    Regular - Fits nails 30mm, approx 1.1 inches long


    Long - Fits nails 40mm, approx 1.5 inches long


    Small fits a variety of nail sizes but is best for narrow, short nails.

    Nail width and length are personal to all of us and this is just a general sizing guide. If you have any questions, please message me here or at


    **You will almost definitely have an overhang of the decals.  Try cutting the decal close to your size before soaking in water.  This is what may help you in the cuticle area.  These decals STRETCH but may be harder to melt with acetone.  Sizing the decal first may help with melting.  At the free edge, you can file (in a downward motion) the excess off.  For additional application info, please refer to the Application Instruction Tab on the site.

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